Cupmaster by Atlantic®:
Destacking, filling, and putting lids on synthetic cups

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Technical properties

Consumers are increasingly finding all types of soup, sauce and marinade packed in synthetic cups in the fresh foods department. To meet the increasing demand by its customers in the catering and food industries, Atlantic Engineering recently built a mobile servo-powered packing machine to denest, fill and put covers on synthetic cups. The concept whereby the packing machine is completely separate from the dosing machine is unique. The jar and lid warehouse can be easily exchanged to handle various sizes. This packing machine is extremely quick to clean, thanks to the open frame in accordance with the EHEDGE standardisation.

Atlantic Engineering hereby supplements its range on offer by an additional solution besides the extensive range of dosing machines for liquid and semi-liquid food components.

Basic model
  •   Fully constructed in stainless steel in a mobile frame in accordance with the EHEDGE design
  •   Servo-powered rotary system with PLC and HMI
  •   External communication port for starting signal with dosing machine
  •   User-friendly display
  •   Can be used for round or square cups/lids
  •   Speed is 10 - 25 cycles per minute
  •   Additional destacker warehouse for various sized jars and lids (exchangeable)
  •   Electrically powered discharge belt and turntable on the output side