FILLFAST 5000: Piston fillers for volumes of up to 5600ml

  • Fillfast 5000
  • Fillfast 5000
  • Fillfast 5000
Technical properties

The FILL FAST 5000 machine is the largest dosing machine in the Fill Fast range. A maximum stroke volume of 5600 ml can be simply set by way of a digital reading. This machine can handle a high dosing capacity because of its extra-large feed gate. This filler is mostly used to dose buckets and synthetic bulk packaging. All products that can be pumped, be they liquid, pastes or mixtures containing solid pieces of up to 50mm x 50mm can be dosed undamaged. As a rule, the machine is suited for hotfill applications of up to 95°C. The machine can be dismantled in a jiffy so that it can be thoroughly cleaned without using any special tools.

Basic model
  •   Fully constructed in stainless steel in a mobile frame
  •   Hopper with content of 250L, which is provided with a safety hatch
  •   Pneumatically powered filling head with a passage of 12mm, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm or 50 mm
  •   External communication port for starting signal coming from "no tray no fill" sensor, foot pedal, etc.
  •   Automatic cleaning cycle operation
  •   Control of dosing speed
  •   Set dosing volume by hand wheel
  •   Speed: 10 - 25 cycles per minute
  •   Number of dosing cylinders is 1 - 4
  •   Compression air consumption: approx. 300 NL/minute at a min. of 5 bar
  •   Interface connection with external packing machine
  •   Larger product hopper up to a content of 350L
  •   Double-walled type of hopper
  •   Electrically heated type of hopper with thermostatic control
  •   Horizontal or vertical electrically powered agitator
  •   Level detection to operate transfer pump
  •   Adjusted filling head(s) according to product specifications and dosing aspect
  •   Control height of filling head(s) by hand wheel
  •   Pneumatic dip movement of dosing head(s)

  •   UPGRADE to servo-powered versions
  •   Control of suction and dosing speed and of dosing volume through servo-power and PLC control
  •   User-friendly control panel
  •   Dosing parameters to be kept per type of product
  •   Dip movement with servo-power
  •   Walking beam movement of the filling heads
  •   Temperature registration and control
  •   Data logging to be exported to HACCP software