DOUBLE HEAD POUCH: Smart packaging in plastic bags

  • Double head pouch packing machine
  • Double head pouch packing machine
Technical properties

Innovative concept to fill and pack foodstuffs that can be pumped into stand up pouch packaging that can be directly connected to (a) digester(s). Hotfill applications with pieces of up to 18mm x 18mm. Filling possibilities from 1L up to 3L of pre-shaped plastic bags. The ultimate total solution for cook & chill applications in the food industry and industrial kitchens. Optimum cooling properties of the bag size provides extended shelf life without post-pasteurisation. Most suited for filling soup, sauce and dessert products.

Basic model
  •   Semi-automatic machine with a capacity of 15 bags per minute
  •   Fully constructed in stainless steel in a mobile frame
  •   HMI with PLC control
  •   User-friendly control panel
  •   Dosing parameters to be kept per type of product
  •   Equipped with 2.5” electrically powered sinus pump and electro-magnetic flow meter
  •   Pneumatically powered filling head with a passage of 20mm or 25mm
  •   Temperature registration
  •   Automatic cleaning cycle operation
  •   Equipped with hand pistol connection to fill mono-portions next to the machine
  •   Data logging to be exported to HACCP software