ROTAFILL: Electrically powered dosing machines for volumes from 5000ml

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Technical properties

If larger amounts need to be filled at 5.000ml and more per cycle, a switch can be made to single-head dosing system based on electrically powered pumps provided with a motor, frequency controller and PLC control.

For this purpose, we have at our disposal a wide range of possibilities, always commensurate with the product to be dosed and the required filling speeds. Because of their hygienic and high-performing properties, sinus pumps, excentric worm pumps and lobe pumps are used for this. Accurate filling is guaranteed because the mass flow is measured or the gravimetric dosing in relation to the load cells.

Basic model
  •   Fully constructed in stainless steel in a mobile frame
  •   Choice of standard buffer hopper with content of 60L, which is provided with a safety hatch or directly connected to a container or digester
  •   Pneumatically powered filling head with a passage of 12mm, 20mm, 30mm or 40mm
  •   External communication port for starting signal coming from the packing machine, foot pedal, etc.
  •   Automatic cleaning cycle operation
  •   Control of dosing speed and dosing volume by PLC control and display
  •   Cycles per minute depend on the type of pump chosen
  •   Interface connection with external packing machine
  •   Interface with checkweigher based on load cells
  •   Integration with electro-magnetic flow measurement or mass flow measurement technology
  •   Adjusted filling head(s) according to product specifications and dosing aspect
  •   Control height of filling head(s) by hand wheel
  •   Pneumatic dip movement of dosing head(s)
  •   Temperature registration and control
  •   Data logging to be exported to HACCP software